Profitable Web Site Promotion – 5 Keys to Create More Money In Web Site Promotion

If you have a popular web site, you can definitely say you have won the battle in the Internet. With billions of web pages now, only few percent are really making money from them. Your site’s popularity shouldn’t end there, you have to take advantage of it to make profit. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Sell some space on your site. Advertisers are always on the look out to find the most bankable web sites where they can put their ads. If you have good traffic, you can put banner ads for a fee.

2. Sell your products. Advertise your own product to make a profit. With huge number of visitor, you will surely make a sale.

3. Recommend other products. Review other products and post the review on your site. Tell your visitors its advantage and features. Businesses will be more than happy to pay you for recommending their products or services.

4. Link building. Web masters are always looking for sites where they can have a link from to generate traffic to their site. You can actually help them while making money at the same time. Popular sites can charge for providing quality inbound links.

5. Affiliate marketing. Share your affiliate merchant’s revenues by driving traffic to his/her site. By doing this, you will be paid commission based on the sale that were placed because of your effort. This is one of the most lucrative means in making money in the Internet these days.

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